Hi, I'm Azel


I'm born and raised in the city of Cleveland, OH. My parents are Lucretia and Tyrone Bolden. I grew up right in ward 2. 


I left Cleveland in 2010 after Graduating from John F. Kennedy H.S. with a goal to go and educate myself and then come back and pour into my community. I graduated in 2016 with my BA in Economics and came home. Next I worked for Huntington bank​ as a banker and then left there to go on to Quicken loans as a mortgage loan originator. From there I opened a store in my neighborhood and started teaching in my neighborhood. Next creating a non-profit to be able to meet some of the needs that are overtaking our community my goal is striving to create the best community possible for the people to live in. 


Equality Meets Opportunity

We Have a chance to change our community in a way like never before.

We have to start standing behind the people that are wanting and willing to fight for change.

We have experienced our community being dismantled and uprooted long enough its time for change. 

The people have the power to make the changes necessary to make change lets use it.

 I stand for what is right and I vow to fighting for you and being the change I want to see. I will start the change by action and be a example of change. 

United we stand, Divided we fall.